Eclipse Arrowhead™

A framework and implementation platform for SoS, IoT and OT integration

Eclipse Arrowhead is a framework and implementation platform to build automation and digitalisation solutions. The basis is an microservice and micro system architecture utilising service oriented architecture principles. The implementation platform includes an engineering process and associated tools and core microsystems. Well proven core microsystem, libraries and template code for application systems, support for model based engineering using SysML and UML are available open source.

The framework and implementation platform is well suited to design, implement and deploy Automation and digitalisation solution meeting Industry 4.0 architectures like Rami4.0. Usage in highly heterogeneous environments is highly supported thanks to a wide range of interoperability support as autonomous protocol translators, adaptors for many legacy and IT technologies like e.g. OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, Z-wave, IO-link, Web of Things.

Eclipse Arrowhead – What is it?

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