Core Systems & Services

The Eclipse Arrowhead framework provides support for building system of systems (SoS) based using microservices and microsystems. The framework technology is fundamentally a highly distributed approach and primarily targets the creation of solutions from the edge to the cloud.

An Eclipse Arrowhead SoS consists of a small set of mandatory core systems and additional core systems and application specific microsystems forming the resources to address the specified automation or digitalisation solution.

The mandatory core systems provides the fundamental support for a working service oriented architecture:

  • Look-up
  • Late binding
  • Loosely coupled

Other core systems provides support for:

  • Extended security,
  • Interoperability,
  • Intercloud service exchange
  • SoS support,
  • Execution support
  • Supply chain/product life cycle
  • Management tools
  • Engineering Tools

The Eclipse Arrowhead architecture uses the concept of local clouds to enable hard real time capabilities where needed.

Current release

The current release is 4.6.0, code and documentation is located at github: The release contains the following microsystems. A searchable library of available Arrowhead core systems, application systems and commercial systems are is here.


  • Service Registry
  • Orchestrator
  • Authorization system


  • CertificateAuthority system
  • SystemRegistry system
  • DeviceRegistry system
  • Onboarding system
  • Translation system
  • FiWare interoperability system
  • Device hub Eclipse Hono system
  • Gatekeeper and Gateway systems
  • Event Handler system
  • Data Manager system
  • Eclipse-hawkBit configuration manager system
  • PlantDescription system
  • Configuration system
  • TimeManager system
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Choreography system
  • Manager and Monitor tool

Knowledge resources

The following knowledge resources are aviable:

Github – code and documentation: