Core Systems & Services

The Arrowhead Framework provides support for building system of systems (SoS) based on service-oriented architecture patterns. Each SoS consists of various Application systems already existing or under development. These Application systems then utilize the Core Systems and their Services that provide support in answering fundamental questions related to governance and operational management, for example:

  • How does a service provider system make its possible consumers aware of its available service instance(s)?
  • How can a service consumer find (discover) what service instance(s) it might be interested in and allowed to consume?
  • How do we remotely control (i.e. orchestrate) which service instances a consumer shall consume?
  • How does a service provider determine what consumer(s) to accept?

The smallest unit of governance within the Arrowhead Framework is hence related to a Local Cloud (LC) in general, a closed, local industrial network. Each Local Cloud must at least host the mandatory core systems within its network: creating the minimal the support functionality needed to enable collaboration and information exchange between the various systems within the local cloud.

The generic system of systems design document (SoSDD) describes the fundamentals of the Arrowhead Framework architecture and the mandatory Core systems and services.


You can find the latest release binaries and documentation

The development team’s github organization can be found here.


The three mandatory core systems are:

  • Service Registry
  • Orchestrator
  • Authorization system


In addition to the mandatory core systems, a number of additional, supporting core systems and services are provided to enable the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of IoT-based automation system of systems. Such supporting core systems are:

  • Gatekeeper and Gateway systems
  • Event Handler system
  • SystemRegistry system
  • DeviceRegistry system
  • Data Manager system
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Manager and Monitor systems
  • Translation system
  • Plant Description system
  • System Configuration system


Two working, public local cloud instances are currently provided by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Moreover, an Arrowhead-compliant inter-cloud Relay server is provided here as well.

Public clouds:


Public inter-cloud relay server:


Resource ports:

These public resources are provided for developers to be able to try out and work with Arrowhead.