7 February, 2022

Eclipse Arrowhead Ecosystem Webinar 30 March 14:00

Join us on March 30 at 14:00 CET to learn more about how you can implement next generation capabilities with the help of like-minded organizations that have come together to realize digital transformations with [...]

25 January, 2022

From three months to one day – impressive results in Infineon use case

Infineon is a world leader in semiconductor solutions. The company’s Dresden site is one of the group’s largest and most modern development and manufacturing facilities with over 3,000 employees. The site also provides the [...]

16 December, 2021

From months to minutes in Arçelik collaboration

When you ship hundreds of millions of household appliances to more than 100 countries across several continents, even small gains in efficiency can have a dramatic impact on overall production. One of the most [...]

12 December, 2021

NodeRED users can now easily connect to Eclipse Arrowhead infrastructure

NodeRED is a flow-based programming tool with a visual approach to programming that allows hardware, APIs and online services to easily be wired together from a web browser. NodeRED is a flow-based programming tool with [...]

2 December, 2021

I40GO: A new approach to global ontologies for Industry 4.0

Ontologies represent data domains as sets of concepts and the relationships between them. Ontologies are often created at different times, by different engineers with their own approaches and viewpoints. This leads to different developers [...]