Eclipse Arrowhead Ecosystem Webinar 30 March 14:00

Join us on March 30 at 14:00 CET to learn more about how you can implement next generation capabilities with the help of like-minded organizations that have come together to realize digital transformations with open systems that avoid vendor lock in.

The Eclipse Arrowhead project is moving into a new phase, with a group of founding partners establishing the Eclipse Arrowhead Ecosystem

Join us on March 30 at 14:00 CET for an introductory webinar where you will learn how you can leverage new opportunities to implement next generation capabilities in Digital Transformation and IoT projects. The Eclipse Arrowhead Ecosystem is based on open standards and systems that avoid the inflexibility of vendor lock in and allow your operations to make the most of a dynamic Systems Oriented Architecture. 

The webinar will include presentations from Eclipse Arrowhead partners in the fields of Aeronautics, Space & Defense, Smart City & Mobility, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Energy, Semiconductors and Consumer Industry.