Sinetiq has more than 17 years of experience in system integration, with service-oriented architecture and practical development of component-based systems. We work with both national and international customers and with our unique expertise we help improve their profitability and strengthen their competitiveness by enabling them focus on their core business.

Sinetiq offers expertise and components to both large industrial companies and smaller companies where there is a need for several IT systems to be able to communicate efficiently with each other. We have practical experience of third-party products in component-based systems and extensive experience of the service-oriented Eclipse Arrowhead architecture including implementing it in industrial production.

Our solutions are based on reusing as much as possible of the investments an organization has already made. At the same time, they provide a controlled flexibility that greatly reduces the time to bring new functionality to the market or streamline production through quick access to necessary new and existing data.

Arrowhead categories

  • Arrowhead Framework: Developer
  • Arrowhead manpower

Domain Verticals

  • Industry 4.0

Geographic areas

Home country: Sweden

Operates in Europe and rest of the world

Contact Details

Karl-Johan Gramner


Phone: +46 70 524 6583