Application Services

Application Services handle business information exchanges. The interface contract makes it possible for Service Providers and Consumers to have a common understanding of the service they use, in detail, so that it can be implemented without misunderstandings.

The partners of the Arrowhead project have developed a number of Arrowhead Framework compliant systems and services. All of them provided here are open source. Each of these service are documented according to the Arrowhead documentation model.

We are currently working on collecting the Arrowhead Framework compliant service developed. The list is still in a developing phase. We expect a more extensive list of Arrowhead Framework compliant services to be upload during 2017.


Anyone is free to submit an Arrowhead compliant services. The service should preferable be verified with the Arrowhead Framework test tool.

Instructions for submitting a new service

Create a directory in the repository of this project under the directory: 6_Application systems and services

A preferred Application system directory structure is provided here

  • In the Document sub directory you provide the documents defined by the Arrowhead documentation model.
  • In the Code sub-directory you provide the source code of your system and its service.
  • In the Binary sub-directory you provide working binaries of your system and its services.


The list below is under development.

Temperature service