2 December, 2021

I40GO: A new approach to global ontologies for Industry 4.0

Ontologies represent data domains as sets of concepts and the relationships between them. Ontologies are often created at different times, by different engineers with their own approaches and viewpoints. This leads to different developers [...]

2 December, 2021

Eclipse Arrowhead on track to exceed expectations

Initial results show that Europe’s largest project for industrial digitization and automation is on track to exceed expectations. At a recent conference, results from industrial partners demonstrated that the Eclipse Arrowhead project is delivering [...]

15 May, 2020

New Base Library for the Arrowhead Framework

A strong programming background and a penchant for ever-elusive “beautiful code” has led LTU’s Emanuel Palm to develop a new Java library for the Arrowhead Framework. In striving to establish a set of standards, [...]