Usage of Eclipse Arrowhead architecture and reference implementation is a set of in-depth videos giving details on basic deployment, and developments enabling you to become an Eclipse Arrowhead wizard. Salman Javed a PhD candidate at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden is your guide.

This workshop has four main goals: to improve your understanding and skills related to the Arrowhead Framework. Initially, it seeks to provide you with a solid understanding of the framework’s fundamentals, ensuring that you comprehend its core principles and functionalities.

Following that, you’ll learn the practical aspects of installing and managing the framework on various edge devices and servers, which is an essential skill for effective framework utilization. The third goal is to provide you with practical, hands-on experience by deploying Arrowhead Local Clouds and Systems, allowing you to see the framework in action and understand its operational details.

Finally, the workshop aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of the Arrowhead Framework’s more complex aspects, such as certificate generation, management tool usage, and inter-cloud rule implementation.

In addition to these objectives, the workshop includes ten informative videos with hands-on demonstrations. These demonstrations provide hands-on experience, clarify the implementation process, and enable you to apply your newly acquired knowledge to your projects.

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