Power of attorney technology presented to IETF

Work steaming from the Arrowhead Tools project was presented as internet drafts at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 115 in London. The presentations were in the Decentralized Internet Infrastructure research group (dinrg) and in the IoT Operations working group (iotops) by professor Olov Schelén and PhD candidate Sreelakshmi Vattaparambil Sudarsan from Lulea University oftechnology, The drafts outline the Power of Attorney (PoA) based authorization technique for Cyber-Physical Systems, which facilitates a user to grant power to a trusted autonomous/semi-autonomous device to act on behalf of the user even if the user is not online. A presented use case is about onboarding a device to a target IoT network using PoA-based authorization. Updated internet draft will be presented in IETF 116, Japan.

Links to the draft:

The recordings of the presentation can be found here: