What is it

The Arrowhead Framework is addressing IoT based automation. The approach take is that IoT’s are abstracted to services. This to enable IoT interoperability in-between almost any IoT’s. The creation of automation is based on the idea of local automation clouds. A local Arrowhead Framework cloud can compared to global cloud provide improvements and guarantees regarding:

  • Real time data handling
  • Data and system security
  • Automation system engineering
  • Scalability of automation systems

Below you will find links to architecture, code examples, working code and working systems plus documentation on how to use the Arrowhead Framework and how to implement your own IoT automation services and systems. This wiki is aimed to support the wider usage of the Arrowhead Framework.

The Arrowhead Framework wiki is created by the Artemis project Arrowhead. Arrowhead Framework development is currently supported by these projects: Arrowhead Project, Arrowhead ToolsProductive 4.0EMC2Far EdgeOptiMANTIS

This wiki is the main entry point to the git repository holding documentation and code.